VPN slow


I had my internet changed at home so I could upload faster to work via VPN. We use a Balance 310 at work which runs the VPN. Each time I use the VPN, I get max 1 Mbps upload from home to work. I had 10 Mbps upload speed with my previous provider, but thought maybe they were doing some traffic shapping or something like that. Now I have 50/50 fibe connection, and I still get the same 1 Mbps upload. If I connec through our FTP without going though the VPN, I get 2.5 Mbps upload. Since we have 60/10 and 25/7 connections at work, I guess that would be the max I’m suppose to get, and the fact I’m not the only one (downloading) from work. I’ve uploaded to another ftp site just to see and go 3.5 Mbps so I definitly have something going one with our VPN. Is it the processing power of the Balance 310 that is not high enough to get a higher bit rate on our VPN, or is there something I need to tweek to get better performance?


What kind of VPN are you using to connect to the Balance 310?

Not sure I understand what you mean. I’m connecting with a Mac Client using the default VPN options, on the Balance it’s using PPTP server. I’ve tried connecting though SSH, rsync, Apple Remote Desktop, and all give me about the same throuput.