VPN site to site with 3g failover

Do any Peplink products support VPN site to site as well as USB 3g failover. I’m about to pull the trigger and buy two Max Mobile routers for two sites but I want to make sure I will have VPN access between both sites and I’m not sure they support this feature.

If I get a Balance 380 and a Max Mobile will I get this feature?

Both sites will have a cable modem (cat 5) connection and was planning on adding 3g modem support for failover; however, having site to site VPN as well in only 2 boxes would be awesome.


The Peplink Site-to-Site VPN solution works with all of our models from the 210 and up, including the MAX. All of our models have a USB port to support a 3g modem as an additional WAN.

This is the perfect solution for you!