VPN server support on Balance 20?


When I look at this page, it seems that Balance 20 does support VPN server capability. User manual 5.3 says it does not… What is the correct statement, please?


That is right. It is because PPTP server support is extended to Balance 20/30 since firmware 5.4. Here is the announcement.

We are close to a firmware 5.4.6 release as I type. You will be able to upgrade your Balance 20 to firmware 5.4 once it is out. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

Sounds great!

Sorry if this sounds a like newbie question but I was wondering if there are some VPN services providers that I would be able to connect to with this feature or if I have to have a VPN server somewhere myself?


Forget my previous question, I think I got confused between the part that allows to connect the Balance 20 to a VPN server and the actual VPN server support on the Balance 20, as described on the WEB:

A Built-In PPTP VPN Server Means High Security on the Open Road.With the Balance’s built-in PPTP VPN server, remote users get convenient access to internal LAN resources without needing an additional VPN appliance or server. The Balance supports RADIUS authentication using existing corporate credentials, providing a secure connection for remote, work-at-home, and on-the-go access with iOS, Android*, and other mobile devices.

Now, when I go to the download section, I see no 5.4 documentation… I guess this is because i’m seen as Balance 20 user? Any other link that would allow me to look at the documentation?

And I refrain from asking an ETA :slight_smile:


Thanks. firmware 5.4.6 along with documentations are well on their way. We are delivering this great update as fast as we can. Please stay tuned.

Hi Kurt, is there an ETA on 5.4.6? I have two 380s that have stability issues on 5.4.4 and need to decide if I should step back or wait for 5.4.6



In the next 2 weeks now, Ryan. A step back would be wise if the stability issues is expected to cause more down time in two week time frame than 10 minutes - that is about the time of stepping back on the firmware.

Again sorry about the haggle. We are bringing out firmware 5.4.6 as soon as we can.

No worries Kurt, thanks for your quick reply! Just trying to make an informed decision. For example if it had been scheduled for Wednesday I’d have just waited :slight_smile:

Thanks Ryan :slight_smile: your satisfaction is our highest priority.

Wooo. I just upgraded to 5.4.6, have activated PPTP server and that is it, I’m able to connect from my mobile devices…
Very good. Thanks. Would just be even greater if you’d publish the user doc:-)

You mean the user manual? Should be up here on http://www.peplink.com/support/downloads/ as well :slight_smile:

Again thanks for your patience. Hope you all enjoy firmware 5.4.6.

Hi Kurt,

What i see in the download section is:
Sep 27 2012 Peplink Balance Firmware 5.4.6 for Balance 20/30 24.1MB
Feb 24 2012 Peplink Balance Firmware 5.3.12 for Balance 20/30 22.9MB
Apr 19 2012 Peplink Balance User Manual for Firmware 5.3 6.4MB
Jan 26 2011 Peplink Balance Firmware 5.2.2 for Balance 20/30 19MB
Mar 10 2011 Peplink Balance User Manual for Firmware 5.2 5.4MB
May 6 2011 Peplink Balance Firmware 5.1.5 for Balance 20/30 16.2MB
Sep 6 2010 Peplink Balance User Manual for Firmware 5.1

I don’t see the User Manual for 5.4.6. Do I miss something obvious?


Sorry it is still making its way. Should be up there soon. In the mean time we can refer to the user manual for firmware 5.3.