VPN problem. SOHO router

I have bought 3 Pepling SOHO.
they will be used as a VPN for 2 remote TV studios from our control room (NOC).
my problem is I have done 1 vlan in “incontrol web” and it is distributed to the routers, it works, but I can not access anything in Vlan, I have a PTZ camera in every studio but they do not respond to ping or webconsole.
my vlan when is
Remot VPN 1, Camera 1 =
Remot VPN 2 Camera 2 =
Main controlroom NOC.
Have been in contact with my local support Northcom in Sweden, but they did not manage to solve the problem.

Hi Peder - I can help. I will message you.

Yes you can

I can call you if you want more info, just now the swedish support has helped me but it still not works.

Thanks for giving me access. I will follow up with you via email.