VPN over NZ Cellular

Trying to get a VPN setup between two Peplink MAX Transits.
Using DDNS as the IP address do/can change.
Wont have a bar of it.
Below are pics of the configs at both ends. Spark (New Zealand ISP) maybe double NATing the cellular access.
I have had Forced UDP encap on and off.
Pics below of the VPN config at both ends.
What have I missed?

Hello @Matthew_De_Woeps,
Unless you have a specific carrier-supplied SIM that gives you a Public Facing IP, you will be behind a CGNAT (Carrier Grade NAT), so what you are attempting to do will not work, nor will it work with any other direct PtP VPN technology.

The way around this is to set up an instance of FusionHub in the cloud with enough suitable licences (in your case, two). Then, you can create a SpeedFusion tunnel supporting traffic between the two routers. This has additional benefits and features.

Who is the local Peplink Partner from which you purchased this? They should help you solve this. We look after Australia, New Zealand, and the broader region. First, see how you go with the above and the solutions in the Peplink Community Forum.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: