VPN only allowing one Remote User at a time

I have the Peplink Balance One Core and I can only connect one IPSec VPN remote user at a time to access my office network. I have two computers I am testing right now side by side. Both VPN setups work flawlessly as long as only one of them is connected. When I try the second I get a connection error. Does PepLink limit me to only one remote user at a time? I checked my IP range for DHCP and had plenty available. I am stumped and would appreciate any help. Thanks.

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The remote access feature does not have a limit for one user. For your test scenario, do the two computers come into the Balance WAN as the same IP address?

Yes, I use the IP address of our ISP modem. Once I am connected I mapped to the static ips of the servers on my network.

I would confirm that a second user can come in OK from a unique source IP address.

I will have to get someone else set up to try this with. I will let you know what happens. Thanks

Thank you so much that was the problem. Once someone at another location signed into the VPN, I was able to connect from a computer at my location.