VPN IPsec SSG140 not working


Hello Dears,

I’m trying to setup IPsec VPN between Peplink 380 and SSG140 Juniper Firewall, i’m working as per the configuration provided by Peplink but unfortunately it’s not working.

i’m getting this error message:

No acceptable response, please verify the settings.

can you please help me to install this VPN connection



Hi Ibrahim,

  1. Please provide IP of WAN interface for Balance 380 and Juniper.

  2. Please provide IPSec VPN settings for both units.

Please PM the details if this is sensitive.


Hello Dears,

i’m attaching the details about our setup and the configuration on the PEPLINK Device.

for the Juniper unit I did the same configuration as per PEPLINK configuration document (Configure IPsec to Juniper SSG Firewall).



Hi Ibrahim,

I only can provide advice below without the configuration of Juniper.

  1. Remote Gateway IP configured on Peplink not match with the provided details. Please verify.

  2. Please ensure Local and Remote Network on Juniper configured as below (the network bit must be /16).

  • Local Network =
  • Remote Network =
  1. Ensure pre-shared key is matched.

  2. Ensure Phase 1 and Phase 2 parameters are matched.

  3. Ensure Remote Gateway IP configured on Juniper is


Hi Ibrahim,

If the problem persists, please open a support ticket here, and refer this forum thread in the ticket, so the support team can cross check with this forum thread.

Thanks and regards.