VPN IPSec, PepLink and ASA


Someone can tell me if PepLink Load Bancer support VPN IPSec with a Cisco ASA IOS 8.0?

Best regards,

Adelio Moreira

Hello Adelio,

Yes we officially support IPSeC termination to Cisco, Juniper and other Peplink/Pepwave devices.

Someone has been test the PepLink IPSec with ASA IOS?

In both sides i get this message; “Malformed payload, please verify the Preshared Key or other settings.”

I would double check both settings on either end as Cisco ASA is a common terminated connection for IPSeC to a peplink. Otherwise if you could go ahead and open a support ticket a technical support team member will be able to get into the particulars to get every thing working.

As a reference here is a Setup Guide to setup IPSeC from a Peplink to Cisco:


Regarding my question, i’ve to tell on this topic, IPSec on PepLink is very basic.

If your network is hudge with complex segmentation, PepLink doesn’t support super-networks on the IPSec tunnel, the network must be unics, which didn’t allow set a mix with IPSec and Speedfusion on the same device.

The techicnal support were very clear, it’s a limitation and it seems to me PepLink doesn’t has interest to support IPSec in full feature.

Best regards,

Adelio Moreira

If you are trying to create a SpeedFusion VPN tunnel and an IPsec tunnel to the same exact remote subnet this will not work.

Actually, there should be no need to do this. SpeedFusion is far superior to IPsec because it provides session persistence. With IPsec your tunnel will break if the WAN connection it is going across fails. This will not happen using SpeedFusion with 2 or more WAN’s.

You should consider using SpeedFusion instead of IPsec, the benefits are huge.