VPN iPhone/iPad to Peplink Balance with IPSec


dear All,

how can I configure my Peplink Balance in order to receive a VPN connection from a iPhone/iPad using Apple’s iOS IPSec setup?



You would just set up the PPTP server in the Balance and configure the iPhone/iPad to connect to it:


Thank you for your reply. Is IPSec not more secure to PPTP?
The reason for using IPSec. Is there no way to use IPSec ?


Yes IPSec is more secure then PPTP but IPSec is a network-to-network VPN where as PPTP is Client-to-Network VPN.

From another router you would need setup a IPSec tunnel to the balance and then from a client device (phone/ipad) connect to the router to gain VPN access to the Balance network. Otherwise if you are doing it from a client device I.E. IPhone/IPad you would use PPTP as mentioned above.


Hi Robert,

Currently this is not supported but we will consider this for a future release because we see more and more customers looking for it. Thanks for your feedback.



We would find this feature useful.


For completeness sake, how to connect IOS/ipad/iphone to our local network using VPN