VPN in Outbound Policy

Dear Guys ,

If we could be able to choose site to site VPN connection in all outbound policies , it would be very useful in many scenarios.
now it’s selectable only with priority and enforced algorithms.

Thanks - Hootan

Can you please let us know more about the scenarios that PepVPN/SpeedFusion requires the outbound algorithms other than Priority and Enforced?

There is a scenario in a company in which users are connecting to a server hosted outside, but this server has a limitation on the maximum number of sessions per IP address and because of this restriction their IP address is blocked sometimes by the firewall for 30 minutes. so I decided to balance their connections on 2 WANs using weighted balance algorithm to minimize the possibility for IP address blocking. it was good and we see better results. then I thought it would be better if we could route some of the connections to their site to site vpn branch office and let them go with the branch IP address to get a better result and minimizing the IP address blocking due to the maximum allowed sessions per IP address.

Thanks - Hootan