VPN hack attempts vs. Intrusion Detection and DoS Prevention

I just noticed that my Balance One is under a hack attempt - on Status / Logs / Device Event Logs I see the following:
Jun 26 01:08:22 PPTP: guest/92.63.x.y Authentication failed
Jun 26 01:08:18 PPTP: admin/92.63.x.y Authentication failed
Jun 26 01:08:14 PPTP: 1111/92.63.x.y Authentication failed
Jun 26 01:08:10 PPTP: test/92.63.x.y Authentication failed
Jun 26 01:08:02 PPTP: vpn/92.63.x.y Authentication failed
Jun 26 01:07:58 PPTP: admin/92.63.x.y Authentication failed

Which has been going on for days. 92.63.x.x is in the Russian federation

I added a firewall rule to block this, which is working. However, I’d love if this kind of thing could be automatically blocked.

I do not have Firewall/Intrusion Detection and DoS Prevention enabeld, but the help popup for this says only

When this option is enabled, the unit will be protected by detecting the following types of intrusion and denial-of-service attack.

Port Scan
Xmas Tree
Another Xmas Tree
Null Scan
SYN Flood Prevention
Ping Flood Attack Prevention

I don’t see VPN password guessing listed. Could this be added?


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