VPN full mesh and OSPF metric

Dear sirs,

I’m deploying a full mesh with 60 sites, this new topology will be integrated into an existent OSPF environment.

My doubts are regarding some OSPF prefix which i will inject into the full mesh with specific metric in order to tell all peplink that is the best path insted its owned VPN connection. This is possible to do? What is it the metric or route cost for this injected prefix on the peplink’s routing tables? How many prefix the peplink balance 580/710 and 1350 support?

Best regards,

Adelio Moreira

The cost of learned SpeedFusion routes is 10000 by default. Route prioritization is based on the outbound policy, however. By clicking on the “?” in the rules section of the outbound policy, you can turn on expert mode. This allows you to prioritize a path above SpeedFusion if the goal is to tell the Peplink there is a preferred way other than its own VPN connection.