VPN for specific domain (or IP)


Is it possible to setup a balance so that only certain requests for a specific domain (or IP address) are routed through a VPN and all other requests do not use a VPN at all? If so how do I do this?



Yes this is certainly possible. You will be able to accomplish this by creating Outbound Policy Rules.

  1. Create a rule and using destination IP (can use domain or ip). Then choose priority algorithm and make sure the VPN the on top of the other connections.
  2. Create a rule for everything else (Used weighted balance as an example).

NOTE: Rules do take precedence from top to bottom, so it is always suggested to put the more detailed rules towards the top. The Weighted Balance rule will need to be below the VPN Priority rule.

Thanks for the reply, I’ve setup the rules ok. However I’m having trouble setting up the VPN connection. I’m trying to use the boxpn VPN service but I’m unsure how to configure the pep link to connect as the details provided by boxpn don’t appear to match up with the details the router wants. Could you let me know how to setup the connection please? Thanks

Boxpn is a client based VPN product and this will not work.

Are there any services that I would be able to use that would work with the peplink?

Basically I need to connect to a number of servers that are locked down by IP address, the peplink is connected via 2 connections, neither of which have a static IP address. Ideally I’d like to have the peplink connect to a VPN and use the rules to manage which destinations are routed through the VPN. Would this be possible or would I need to configure this kind of connection on each client?


In your case you would need to configure the VPN on each client device.