VPN for Laptop access to network

I have a Balance 580 whcih I use for multiWAN redundancy as well as Speedfusion links to my small regional offices. I’m looking to setup a user or two with VPN access to my network. How do I best do that with the 580?

You can choose either L2TP with IPsec or PPTP for client VPN access under: Network> Remote User Access. The Balance 580 can authenticate with local user accounts and it also supports authentication to a Radius or LDAP server.


Thanks for the quick response! Is there a client I need to install on the laptop?

Just went in and didn’t see a Remote User Section on the RH Menu. I do see a PPTP Server under Misc. Settings. Do I need to enable that?

Also, if I choose to use a “local” account for PPTP, will that machine still get DHCP from and authenticate on the Windows network?

Can I just turn on the PPTP server without impacting anything else on the Peplink? Or is it something best done non-production hours? As you can tell, I don’t do much VPN.

The built-in Windows VPN client works well for this. Sounds like you are running older firmware. You can obtain the latest firmware for you Balance here.

A local user account can get a DHCP lease from the Balance or an external DHCP server on your Windows network. You can enable the Balance PPTP server and it should not impact production. You can then test from outside your network.


Making changes to “Remote Access” feature will not affect anything on your network.