VPN connection amount bytes used Daily or Weekly for connection

Anyone know amount of bytes used Daily or Weekly between two Peplink Balance One routers to maintain their VPN connections?

Concern being cost of keeping a VPN connection going over Cellular Modem.

This is depending the bandwidth usage between 2 sides. If you need to know the usage when the PepVPN tunnel is idle, please refer here.

Ignoring bandwidth of Users, Computers, Servers, Printers, etc. - initiated traffic between 2 sides.
Strictly talking about amount of bytes transferred through PepVPN tunnel between two Balance One routers to keep VPN tunnel connected.

If I am understanding the information at “Here” link correctly. Approximate 3.6 Megabytes per day would be used or (108 MBs per month).

My plan would be to limit traffic as follows:
(What is required) VPN Server Side - Balance One WAN Port Forwarded —> VPN Client Side - Specific Network Server
(Optional) VPN Server Side - Specific Computer —> VPN Client Side - Specific Computer



Can you provide detail info for the above ? Are you planing to to reduce the network traffics without running using PepVPN (Port forward VPN client & server connection) ?

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Plan to use several rules to limit traffic between two LANs across VPN.

For most part, I only want a NAS on VPN Client side to be accessible from several devices on VPN Server side.

I don’t want several devices on VPN Client side to be accessible nor do I want those devices using VPN connection to get say Updates.
I have already block two devices (on what will be VPN client side) from being able to get updates (access Internet).

Thanks to automatic updates (which can’t be turned off) by major software company, that side previously and needlessly burned through 4 GBs of download…


I saw that you had posted another thread asking the the best design for the PepVPN.

If you deploy using Setup #1 (As explained in forum thread above), basically you can use Internal Network Firewall Rules to control access the traffics between the 2 networks.

For more information, please refer to the screenshot as attached.

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