VPN connecting to different vlans


Is there a way to connect to different VLANS when using VPN?
I have users that needs to connect to the internal VLAN and other users that needs to connect directly to ex. DMZ vlan.

is there a way to create multiple Client VPNs or any other way of doing this?


no one knows?

you need a route. everything will traverse the router at that point, fyi

Hey JGsieve,

thanks for the reply, can you elaborate that for me? :slight_smile:

a little, your router has to “route” that traffic, so the traffic will go through the router. as for setup, look under network, local network, and then do a static route.

I use an outbound policy on the network to route traffic through a VPN. You could setup multiple outbound policies for each VLAN or IP address.

by VPN do you mean Remote user Access?

If so, then no. Only one VLAN is tagged for all RUA clients.

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Yup, that was what i meant