Vpn client behind surf soho. DNSleaktest showing ipv6 dns addresses

I’m running a VPN Client behind a Surf Soho MK3. My Surf soho is behind my main ISP’s router. On my ISP’s main router, I have IPv6 disabled. To my knowledge, the Surf Soho doesn’t support ipv6 anyway. On my VPN server (an amazon openvpnas instance), I also have IPv6 disabled. Before connecting to to my amazon vpn server, I do a dns leaktest, and the results return no dns addresses that are IPv6, only IPv4. But when i do a dns leak test after connecting, my dns tests return dns addresses that are IPv6.

My question is, what is the correlation between IPv6 and a dns leak test when running a vpn client? Is this considered a DNS leak? And if not, how are and why are IPv6 dns addresses getting through the surf soho and returning as results from a dns leak test?

The command line utility I am using to test my dns is at https://github.com/macvk/dnsleaktest

try running some of these dns testers