VPN Claint To Site

Hello everyone.
I’m really new here, and I want to know if there is a Clint To Site VPN application, and if so, where do I get it from?
And if there is a guide in the video or even written I would love to get a relevant link.
By the way, my device is Peplink Balance 20
Thanks in advance to everyone

Please check here:

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First thing thanks a lot for the guide, it helps me a lot.
What interests me more is whether there is an application similar to the Fortinet Windows Cliant client application and, if not, is there a third-party application?

There is not a Peplink branded VPN client for windows - why do you need one when windows has its own inbuilt VPN client?

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Has anyone been able to get the Shrew Soft client to work with this? I have intermittent challenges with the windows built in client and am looking for a work around.

Can you send me a guide to windows 7 ?