VPN (Change IP) and WLAN to access other country's IP's


Mi name is Pablo and Im and integrator that use in all my install Peplink and the add Pepwave to the solutions. No problems, always happy with the hardware and service in every price range.

I need to know about a possible setup that I try but I dont have probably enough knowledge to make properly.

What I need:

  • One SSID 1 dedicated to local access, regular setup.
  • Other SSID 2 associated to a VPN

This second SSID, has to let me go to the outside with the IP that the VPN give me.

The Why:
Im looking to have one local SSID with local IP and a secondary SSID with a foreign IP, used a VPN service for that propose
I have premium account with CyberGhost

They offer a very complete instruction about hot to setup using this native protocols OpenVPN, IPSec, PPTP, or L2TP/IPSec in several routers. I see that at least 2 of them are in Peplink.

Possible how to setup the account:

Also I hace 2 WAN with two ISP providers.

I need help on this:

  • Setup Phisical WAN to the Peplink
  • How to setup VPN to the WLAN (SSID 2) to broadcast the the “WAN from CyberGhost”
  • In some case is needed a VLAN?

Im really going to appreciate any comments. I hace all the hardware to test. I need fresh ideas and over all more knowledge that mine.

Best regards!

Good Afternoon
Using a VLAN for one of the SSIDs will be the way to go.
Something like – Physical LAN – SSID Local-Breakout – VLAN ID 2 – SSID VPN-IP
When you create each SSID, you will then be ale to link that SSID to the physical network ( or VLAN (
One you have done that, you can create outbound policies directing all traffic from network to a certain WAN or VPN.
Peplink products currently support the following VPN protocols; PepVPN, SpeedFusion, IPSec, L2TP and PPTP.
Thank You

Before all, Thank you!
I will try this tomorrow and let you know the results.