VPN advice needed to connect to Surf SOHOs

I need advice with choosing a VPN. I have two Surf SOHO routers both running firmware 6.1.2 and I want to create a VPN connection between them. As I understand it, I can use either PepVPN or an IPSec VPN.

I do not need failover or bonding. Each location has just a single Internet connection.

I like the fact that PepVPN is only usable with Peplink hardware as this should make it more secure, assuming other security issues are equal. On the other hand, I am no expert in VPNs so the simplest to set up is also an issue.

Thank you in advance.

SOHO cannot do IPSec VPN. Your only choice is PepVPN.

Thanks. The Pepwave Routers Users Manual for firmware 6.1 discusses IPSec in chapter 14 and fails to mention that it is not available on the Surf Soho. Thus, my mis-understanding.

Hi Michael,

The user manual is for Pepwave Routers (Please refer to first page) which including HD2, BR1, Surf Soho and etc. Anyway I will feedback to the team to improve the user manual in future to avoid confusion.

Thank you.