VoIP Query : Call Drop in case of Failover


One of my client has asked me for a solution where I believe PePLink could be fitted best.

Client has 2 Internet Links.

Their customer calls at the fixed number which are getting addressed with the primary link of these two links.

Now clients query is that, if the telephonic call is connected and the active link goes off… then whether PePLink BPL would be able to smoothly transfer the call to the second available link without the “call drop”.

Thanks in advance.

Abhijit A Kanade

This is possible with Peplink using an outbound policy rule with the priority algorithm. If the SIP provider registers the phone often enough it can fail over to the second link without dropping the call.

Hi Ron Case,
Thanks for your immediate revert.
I have shared your solution with the customer, but he needs some detailed information over **“**If the SIP provider registers the phone often enough it can fail over to the second link without dropping the call”.

We have performed the following test in our office and can successfully do this:

  1. Place a VoIP call somewhere to an external location.

  2. Physically disconnect the primary WAN link from the Balance.

  3. The phone re-registers to its external SIP server through the secondary WAN link so fast that it does not drop the call.

Our SIP service allows the phone to re-register quickly from a different public IP address and it does not drop the call.

Ron, what was the Health Check settings that you’ve used during your test? I assume that the values were set extremely low to keep the SIP session from timing out?

We are using the default settings for health checks on our Balance. I believe it is the SIP provider that determines how often the SIP registration is checked for a valid connection.

Alternatively you could setup a FusionHub Solo in a Cloud (or own hardware if you have DC presence). We use Vultr for that.

You can setup a SpeedFusion tunnel between the Peplink on location and the DC.

You can then set it so only SIP traffic goes over the SpeedFusion tunnel and you can then use Hot Failover, WAN Smoothing and/or WAN Bonding for a stable connection with VoIP. We are using this setup for several of our customers which have Cable, DSL and Cellular backups. SIP phones keep working fine over whatever connection is up.

We run all our customers over speedfusion tunnels to our data centers.
I made a video and gave a webinar about it a while back.