VOIP Phone Updates

I recently installed a BPL One and for some reason am not able to get updates to my voip phones from PBX provider? Phones work but the TFTP data does not seem to be able to get to my telephone.

You may need to enable extended DHCP option 66 and put in the TFTP server info.

This might be due to incorrect setting ,BPL Unified IP Phone may continually cycle while attempting to contact the identified TFTP Server. If you have assigned a static IP address to the phone, you must manually enter this setting. If you are using DHCP, the phone he phone obtains the address for the TFTP server from the DHCP server. Check the IP address configured in Option 150.You can also enable the phone to use an alternate TFTP server. Such a setting is particularly useful if the phone was recently moved from one location to another.For information about determining and changing TFTP server settings you can visit to their website.