Voip issue with Dual WAN enabled


Seems like there we do have a problem with using both WANs WAN1 and WAN2 (no failover) with VOIP phones.

The sound works, sometimes not, call breaks in the middle. Currently using WAN1 as main and WAN2 as failover, since in such config all works just fine.

I am pretty sure its configuration issue - what am I missing?


I’m not positive but I believe you will need to bind the VOIP traffic to one WAN connection because otherwise packets will get split over both and produce the errors you are experiencing…


We use VoIP with multiple WAN every day. You have to write an outbound rule binding them to one outbound WAN or your results will be unpredictable. We typically use source=any, destination=VoipProvider.com, with Priority algorithm.

If you use multiple providers, or if you don’t want to direct all types of their traffic over one WAN, you could filter by ports. You would need:

source=any, type=udp, port range 5060-5064, destination=any, Priority algorithm
source=any, type=udp, port range 10,000-20,000, destination=any, Priority algorithm


thank you Don, this is good I believe for balance mode but for fail over mode its not good. If I have WAN1 down and WAN2 as failover and all traffic will be forced by WAn1 then - tragedy. that rule would be catastrophic. Unless I am missing something here.


Thats exactly why I suggest using Priority mode, not Enforced. With WAN1 Priority, if WAN1 is down, traffic will go to WAN2.