VOIP Issue Poor Quality Peplink 380 and Peplink 20

Hi, we have a link between a Peplink 380 (headquarters 50 MbpsUstream and 50 Mbps upload Internet ), and Peplink 20( Remote Office we have ISP1 4 Mbps Download/640kbps upload, ISP2 2 Mbps Download/400 Kbps Upload) Data works very well. But we are having big issues with the voice quality .

In the headquarters there is a Call Manager Cisco ver 8.6, we configure a sip trunk to the Remote Office.

In the Remote Office we have an IP Office Avaya.
SIP trunk Licenses in the IP office avaya only permit 4 Calls.

Codec works rigth now in G.729a per call, but we can move to G.711 as well… Monitoring the interface we can see a 20 Kbps per call in G.729a.

After 4-5 minutes i make a call from Headquarters to Remote Office. i start to listen the Voice of the Remote Office degraded, and with a lot of cuts. Incapable of being understood. But the Remote Office always listen the voice of the Headquarters very well.

The issue is from the Remote Office to the Headquarters no matter who make the call.
Obviously before we implement this solution with the SIP Trunk . we tested it in a LAN Environment and worked very well.

Are you on latest firmware? And what does your config. look like for each Balance? Do you have a separate subnet for VoIP and reserving bandwidth? How many computers on remote Balance and how much bandwidth is that subnet eating?

It sounds like a upload issue from remote to HQ, like there isn’t enough bandwidth. Obviously way more detail would be needed. If the bandwidth is at remote is not stable you could always upgrade to a 210 and use speedfusion and bind the 2 remote connections to one larger upload connections and configure outbound policies accordingly. Also make sure you have RTP set HIGH for your Qos on both devices and whatever signaling your using, put balances into compatibility mode, and really try and VLAN your VoIP infrastructure and then reserve some bandwidth for that network.