VOIP in separate LAN Segment

We are wanting to be able to transfer calls from one network segment to another using Avaya phones.

LAN segment has one Avaya IP office controller ( that is hosting phones in a segment of

The second segment is which has another controller ( hosting phones in a segment of

We would like to be able to transfer calls between and hosted phones. The network is setup to IP forward to network, so they do talk to each other. We are running version 6.3 on both balance routers.

What would be the best/easiest way to make this happen?

The controllers appear to be on a different network so each Peplink needs s to be aware of the controller networks. This can be accomplished either with static routes in the Balance or you can configure the Balance for VLANs to match your switch. Routing on the WANs will be controlled with outbound policy rules.