VOIP dropouts on Balance One

I’m struggling to get VOIP working with my Balance One using the following configuration:
WAN1 = Satellite Broadband Connection
WAN2 = 4G Cellular Connection

Both WANs are permanently on and bonded. Everything works well, except for VOIP which continually drops calls when in use. Does anyone have any solutions of how to stop this happening?

I’ve had to revert back to just using VOIP over the cellular connection and don’t experience any dropouts. I’ve also tried the Speedfusion option but didn’t make any difference.

Any advice appreciated.

VoIP over satellite is not ideal because of the inherent high latency. I recommend creating an outbound rule and enforce it to the cellular connection instead.

SpeedFusion does have WAN Smoothing to deal with this but can you confirm that you had another SpeedFusion-enabled device on the other side of the site-to-site VPN tunnel?