VoIP disconnected after ~2 hrs 45 minutes

Is there a setting on a Peplink Balance One that could help solve the riddle of long conference calls (near 3 hours or more) getting disconnected? We’ve had this problem with different phones (Cisco SPA504G and Polycom IP 550), so now I’m looking at the other devices.

Are there any settings that could interfere with shutting down VoIP connections after an extended period of time?


May i know how the VOIP traffics pass-through the Balance One (Going out directly to WAN connection/PepVPN/or other) ? Beside that, may i know any error logs found from the Balance One event logs when the VOIP call get disconnected (Example: WAN drop, or other )?

Thank You
Sit Loong

Hi Sit Loong,

VoIP goes out directly to the more reliable and lower latency fiber WAN.

I checked the log this morning but it only goes back to Oct 06 13:21:57. That’s a few hours after the incident yesterday morning, so no useful data is available. I did not receive an email notice from the Balance One of a WAN disconnecting as I do when there is an outage.

Any other suggestions?

This only happen to VOIP? Please open ticket for us to investigate.

Thank you.

Yes, as far as I can tell this only happens with VoIP. Of course VoIP it is easy to see as there is a clear disconnection observable by the user.

Today I will try to test out a long call to see if I can replicate.


Possible please enable packets capture while you are trying to replicating the issue and attached together the packet captured results in the support ticket for us to further investigate.


Thank You