VoIP Connection Issue

I have a soho mk3 and trying to connect a hardware VoIP phone to it. It connects directly into a lan port. It seems to accept my login and it says it downloads updates successfully, but when it trys to actually connect to the phone service, it gets stuck saying “aquiring service.” It’s an Avaya phone. I think something is blocking the connection. What could it be? I don’t have VoIP services specifically blocked so it has to be a port or something else. Thanks.

Hi - welcome to the forum.
Has it ever worked on the soho? Did it work on the router you had before perhaps? Where is the Avaya voip service itself? Is it also on the LAN or are you connecting to a cloud or HQ hosted service?

You could try setting the SIP ALG to compatibility mode on the SOHO. Apart from that, it will very hard to fault find. Check the phone has an IP address from the Soho and you can ping it, and if it ha an IP you’ll need to go to the logs on the PBX to see what’s up.

It’s new and I haven’t used any VoIP phone before. I have the latest driver from August for the router. It connects to a cloud based service. I’ll look for an IP address.

Go to Status > Client list on the Soho to find the phones IP. If its not there, reboot the phone and keep an eye on the list as clients drop off it when they haven’t ‘talked’ in a bit. Then try and access the phones web interface to see what its status is.

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