VoIP and Balance 20 and ISP ... diagnostics

Connection …
ISP: Comcast
Modem: Arris TM722G
Router: Peplink Balance 20
VoIP Box: Cisco SPA122

Balance 20 configuration note:
System Uptime: 425 days 14 hours 12 minutes
UDP traffic (for the ports indicated by my VoIP provider) forwarded to the phone device

No changes have been made (configuration/hardware/device) on my network/system(s).
This was working last week.

Up to date 9/16; everything was working ‘normally’. Sometime on 9/17; VoIP failed – and I have not had reliable (some times any) voice connection.

The VoIP provider is pointing to the ISP. The ISP is pointing to the modem and router (Balance 20). All ‘other’ network traffic seems to work.

Is there someone that can offer a level of assistance to accurately determine what has failed; so I can get a working phone? Everyone is passing the buck, and I’m now going into day four w/o service.

Diagnostics (from PC):
Ping Test:
Packets: Sent = 121, Received = 121, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 26ms, Maximum = 40ms, Average = 27ms

Speed Test:
Download: 120.56 MB
Upload: 6.05 mb

VoIP Codec Test:
San Jose, CA

Throughput: 97.1%
Efficiency: 91.6%
RTT Consistency: 67.5%
Max Delay: 28ms
Packet Failures
Packets Out of Order
VoIP Average Jitter: 0.70ms
VoIP Packet Loss: 0.0%
VoIP MOS: 4.2

I daren’t guess how many hours of my life I’ve spent fault finding VoIP. The only way to do it is with network captures from your router (and preferably your handset too) taken whilst you attempt to call in and out from the handset.

Get the captures, open them in wireshark, filter by SIP protocol and go line by line looking for the fault.

You can run a network capture on the balance by visiting the support.cgi page.

Good luck! There are loads of VoIP guys and girls on this forum and we’ll help when you get stuck :wink: