VLANs on the Pepwave Surf SOHO

Hey, just purchased the Surf and I can’t work out how to create VLANs under the network heading. There doesn’t seem to be an option. Do I need to be running firmware 7? It shipped with 6.3.2 and I can’t work out how to do it! Any help apprecaited guys…

try this

“To enable VLAN configuration, click the button in the IP Settings​ section.”

from the manual:

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Thanks man, if there’d have been an advanced button, I would have spotted it! That question mark ? in the blue circle wasn’t immediately obvious to me. Thanks for guiding me to the right spot in the manual eric.

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I probably spent an hour surfing and looking around before I found this. Please add something to make this more obvious. To me a ? means Help, which usually is just a very terse explanation of the fields.