VLANs not working between B20 and Cisco SG200-50 switch?

Hello, I have a Balance 20 running 6.3.0 and a Cisco SG200-50 switch. I’ve set up VLANs in the B20 and the SG200, but can’t get devices on these VLANs to work correctly. For example, I want to set up a “guest” wifi network with no access to anything locally, just Internet. I followed instructions on other posts on this forum to setup the guest VLAN, disabled inter-VLAN routing, and tagged my Pepwave APs with that VLAN. Ports on the switch that connect to the router and APs are tagged for that VLAN. However, when I connect a client to the network, while I get a DHCP provided IP address, I have no Internet access. I’m probably overlooking something simple but for the life of me can’t figure it out…

Edit: turns out I do get DHCP IPs, just no Internet access. Updated post accordingly.

Edit 2: turned out to be the client PC! After redoing the connection from there, everything seems to be working!


The setup working now ?

Thank You

Yes it is, thank you for the follow up! I finally have both my guest WiFI VLAN and Voice VLAN working. I think the issue was my initial port-based VLAN settings on the B20. Once I set each as a Trunk and then specified a VLAN everything just worked. It’s probably obvious I’m not terribly familiar with VLANs so this was a bit challenging to get working, but now that all is well I’m quite pleased.

Awesome, thanks for the update :up: