VLAN WAN License option?


i saw the OpenVPN WAN license option, would it be also possible to make a 2nd WAN license option for devices that do not have a physical 2nd WAN port like the Max Transit Duo?

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Would be nice, that or to use one of the LAN ports as at the moment using a USB NIC with my 20x

This makes sense. We filed this request and target to implement in the next major release.

Thanks for your feature request.

Thx, would be nice to get such a License and doing it via a VLAN tagged WAN2 in addition to the not-tagged normal WAN on the same port. Thx for listening to your customers! :slight_smile:

Do you man this?

We’re looking for this for a whiiiiile !

If you implement it, please consider drop-in cases, we encounter this more and more.

This would be something I would like to see too, for setups where we are using for example a TST Duo but would not want to give up the physical LAN interface but would instead like to add a second VLAN tagged WAN interface to the existing physical port.

Perhaps the licence could be around a concept of maximum number of interfaces whether physical or virtual that defined as “WAN”.

yes, could be a solution. like with the TST Duo, you have out of the box 5 different wan connections (WAN, 2x LTE, 2x Wifi as WAN). a VLAN WAN license could respect that limit of 5 wan connections. so to have a 2nd WAN on the physical WAN port, you have to drop for example Wifi-as-WAN-2.4G. So the cpu gets not overloaded, max. WAN number stays the same. but it would be also nice than to lets say don’t use Wifi-as-WAN and use three physical WANs, one untagged and two tagged ones.

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