VLAN Tagging on LAN ports

Any idea when VLAN tagging will be supported on the LAN ports of the Balance series?

Need this to support IPTV VLAN tagging for the largest broadband ISP in Malaysia. The Vigor Draytek range of products already support this.

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Definitely a feature worth having…

VLAN Tagging on LAN port will be included in coming major firmware release. But regrading your application, how would you use(connect) the IPTV which provided by that ISP on LAN of our products?

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Hi Guys,
The FTTH service is call Unifi (in this case is Unifi @ Home), from Telekom Malaysia, which carries Data and Video (TV) signal through Vlan 500 & 600 respectively.

The standard installation on landed property as below diagram, which I guess CHChua wants to replace the RG (WiFi router) in the diagram with Balance router, as the connection between BTU and RG is 802.1Q trunking.

Hope this helps…


This would also support my previous suggestion here. Very important feature to have in unified networks!

+1 for the ability to assign VLANs to physical LAN ports, and hopefully the ability to set flow rules for each VLAN. Looking forward to this feature.

Sorry for hijacking this thread. I’m working on a boat project where the core router will be a Peplink MAX HD2, however the VLAN/multiple DHCP ranges option is a requirement.

When is the mentioned “coming major firmware release” planned to be released?

This will be firmware 6.1, Andrea. Beta will be available next week, and production release, a few weeks after.

If you want to sneak a peep, you can signup to the beta program at http://www.peplink.com/beta/ and you will be notified when a beta is available.

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Thanks. Subscribed.

Meanwhile, I grabbed 6.1.0b16 which has a VLAN/multiple DHCP feature - this is great! I just hope this firmware gets released ASAP, well before it expires since this router will be installed on a boat!

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Thanks. We plan to have 6.1 production release before Xmas. But this will heavily depend on the beta evaluation. We are counting on you guys in the Elite Team!

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