VLAN support on Fusionhub



Having the ability to add multiple networks and VLAN’s as per the physical balance devices would be really useful. I have a carrier project I am working on at the moment where they need IP overlap so a physical balance wont work but a VM Fusionhub per customer would, however they have some customers who run multiple VLAN’s for guest and corp traffic separately and this is not possible right now on Fusionhub.


Possible to run two FusionHubs?
One for guest traffic and the other for company. This would allow for the traffic to be completely separated in the datacentre


This is the current option on the table for them but it would be more elegant to run a hub per customer and not have to run two, also having this feature and OSPF/BGP added to Fusionhub would be useful in general. It’s often much easier now to install a virtual appliance rather than a physical so SAS is expecting to see a lot more use of it (and not just in public cloud, we’re seeing as much demand in private cloud at the moment)


This feature was requested in Hong Kong last week so reach out to the FusionHub team so they have you request as well.