VLAN support on Balance

I’m setting up a PoC for a customer, as we are proposing to replace their MPLS network with a 310 in every branch office.
The problem is that the MPLS provider router have 2 VLANs, one for data and one for voice, and speaks dot1q to the catalyst switch of the office.

I know that VLAN support is in roadmap since long time ago, but there’s a plan for when this feature will be available?

Placing a Layer3 device between the Catalyst and the Peplink is not an option


VLAN is targeted for firmware 6.1. I am expecting it in this quarter.

Just checking in, are we still looking at VLAN support coming soon?

Yes, it is on target for firmware 6.1 which is due out here in Q4.

Awesome! Should have asked, will this be supported on the Balance 30, or just the higher end models?

The plan is for the rest of the Balance model. Stay tuned, Caleb.