VLAN Specific Reporting


We have a 580 HW rev 1 at our hotel. Often times we get groups in our meeting space that request guaranteed bandwidth and reports on their usage. I can setup the bandwidth using a vlan and different subnet via the controls on the Peplink but the challenge is getting a report for that specific vlan. It seems the reports in inControl are for all connected devices. Is there a way to pull stats for just one defined vlan?

Also is there a way to get more specific reporting such as a top user report, top application report, top URL access, top blocked websites report etc.

Whenever the firmware is available for my HW rev 1 device, I will be using the List-Based Web Blocking and Application-Based Blocking. While these are nice features, I need to be able to pull reports related to that. Also, sometimes we just want to flag a category and not completely block it. Flagging it would just create a log of all the users and sites associated to that category. For example, if I flagged “Gaming” I would still want guests to be able to visit gaming websites but I would need to be able to track the users who visit those kinds of sites and what site they went to.

Any guidance would be appreciated.


Moving to feature request for better exposure.