Vlan routing between balance routers

I’m experincing some trouble with OpenVpn clients trying to reach a specific subnet:
Here’s the setup:
-first Balance 310 as openvpn gateway. Lan1 port as trunk allowing untagged vlan (192.168.x.x) and tagged vlan 157 (10.0.157.x) where dhcp server is working for vpn clients.
-second Balance 310 as main router, managing routing between all different vlans. All Lan ports set as trunk allowing all vlans, including untagged (where I want my vpn clients to arrive)
The 2 routers are connected to a core switch on trunk ports.

I connect my open vpn client to first Balance gateway, correctly get 10.0.157.x address but I’m unable to reach 192.168.x.x via the second Balance. Inter-vlan routing is enabled everywhere. All firewall rules as default (permit all).

What am I missing?