VLAN Port Tag AP LAN Ports

I have a network with multiple VLANs, I wanted to setup a wireless bridge to a remote building with some access control. I would be nice to port tag (Access VLAN 100) the ports on an AP so that the devices connected to that port would be VLAN 100. At this time, all I see is LAN options (like a router) instead of a switch.

What AP model and firmware are you using?

Ap One Flex

My AP one 300 M and AP one Enterprise seem to support what you want.
Do you have a “Ethernet Port” menu on the left?

This is from a
AP One Enterprise HW2 3.6.1 build 1889

What firmware are you running?

I believe Peter is referring to the firmware 3.7.x and above. We have a plan to do the port-based VLAN. Thanks for your feature request.

is there an ETA on this? why is it on 3.6.1 but not 3.7.x?