VLAN Peplink Balance 50

I have recently purchased the Balance 50 for our school. I would like to bond 4 ADSL WAN lines and Have 2 distinct subnets on the LAN side. My current LAN subnet is and the WiFi Subnet is Will the Balance 50 be able to handle this scenario?

If you are an expert on this particular system, how would you approach the configuration .

I think your going to need a Balance One with Speedfusion License or the 210, 380 and up models if you want to actually bond your ADSL WAN lines. Last time I checked the B50 didn’t have Speedfusion, I could be wrong with their later firmware releases maybe there is now an option to upgrade but one of the team guys would have to jump in on that one.

If you have that many devices in each of your LAN then I don’t think the B50 is what your looking for, your probably going to want to look at the B710 or above. You need a lot more power for subnets that large unless you have it that way for a certain reason.

If you have the 4 WAN and below and no more than 100 devices on the network you can probably squeeze by with a Balance One with Speedfusion upgrade IMO. 100-400 range I play it safe with the B580 or even B710 depending on the traffic you push through it and VPN requirements. At the end of the day to give you a more accurate proposal you would need to provide much more detail.

Thank you for your quick response. Will I need to use the SpeedFusion upgrade to take advantage of the VLAN tagging? My firmware is version 6.2. I will have approximately 350 connections in 2 subnets, at a time, but our bandwidth is only 36 Mbps.

To finish this discussion. It seems, after a little trial and error, that using the VLAN tagging will be satisfactory for now. I can feed my subnets easily enough. Thank you for your considerations.