Vlan on WAN

Hi, Does the Peplink support VLAN on the WAN’s?

If you referring to VLAN tagging, yes it does support.

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Hi Stan,
The customer’s question is: Can we declare multiple router on 1 WAN by using Vlan’s? Something which Creek for example can do. Thanks

With the current firmware, the WAN interface is unable to support multiple VLANs.

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Hi Stan, Will it be possible in the near future? Is it something in your pipeline?

I will leave this to our Engineering Team colleague for their comment…

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Thank you Stan, I will wait for the Engineering team’s reply.

Hi, Is there any news about my request from the engineering team?

This feature is not targeted to near future firmware release at this moment.
May I know the customer’s scenario of multiple VLANs on WAN usage?

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Hey Younes, please share with us about your use case scenarios and we’ll see how quickly we could come up a solution for you.

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Hi Alex,
Here is the deal: We have a customer who wants 24 Mbps upload on SpeedFusion from his distant sites. In Morocco, maximum upload on ADSL is 1 Mbps. That means we would need at least 24 ADSL connections from each remote site. That is the deal. Creek is claiming that we can assign many internet lines on a single WAN interface.
Any solution you can help me with?