VLAN on WAN interfaces

Good afternoon,

Pretty new to the product and was hoping someone could provide some technical assistance.
We want to use a Balance 380 with 5 WAN links.

Can we setup VLAN interfaces and connect them to the VLAN interfaces ?

The Balance 380 only supports 3 WAN links, and we do support VLAN tagging on both the WAN and LAN interfaces.

So to put a scnario down.

We have a balance 380.
With 4 ADSL links and one fiber link.

We set up a trunk from WAN1 to a switch port 24.
We run tagged VLAN’s 10, 20, 30, and 40 to the switch.
On the switch we assign port 1 to VLAN 10 un-tagged and the rest in similar fashion. 2 to 20 3 to 30 and 4 to 40.
In other words does it allow me to run the 4 DSL connections with speedfusion on one WAN port ?

Please submit a proposed network diagram to [email protected] and we will follow up…