VLan control in Incontrol2

This is sort of an extra question regarding my previous question.

I have created 2 ssid. I want one to prioritize over the other.
Is that done by activating the vlan. And is that done by numbering it 1 and 2?

Greetz, Jeroen

You want to go to the QOS section. Go to User Groups. You will assign one VLan to Manager and the other to Staff (or Guest). Then you can use the Bandwidth monitor setting to give one VLan priority over the other. Remember that the QOS settings typically only kick in when links are saturated, so it is important that your upload and download throughput settings on the WAN connections are accurate.

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunetely that usergroup option is not available for the BR1. The router I got. So I need to find an alternative solution.