Good Day,

I have this scenario:

MAX BR1 that manage the connections between a WiFi, Cellular and VSAT (as WAN).
Than I have a Balance 305 that manage 3 VLAN with 3 Different SSID.

The customer is asking if I can assign one of the VLAN only to Cellular and the other two VLANs only to WiFi and VSAT.

Any suggestions?

Thank you


May need to provide a simple network diagram on how the B305 and MAX BR1 relate.

Is the BR1 connected to a WAN port of the B305?

Yes the BR1 is connected to WAN port of the B305

Thank you

There really isn’t a way to do this as the BR1 is a fail-over only device.

OK, but if I do have HD2/HD4 instead, please give an configuration steps if I need to send specific traffic from all VLANs (and also from Untagged LAN) through Speedfusion to centrally installed Balance? Currently I see there is option to send all traffic to central hub, and this works well. But this creates lot of traffic to central connected WANs, can we send traffic to the hub using some policy?


I assume the connectivity as below.

(Untag vlan, Vlan2) B305 (WAN1) —> HD4 --SpeedFusion–> Balance router

  1. Enable IP Forwarding on WAN1 of B305.
  • Network > WAN > WAN1 > “?” of Routing Mode > here > IP Forwarding.
  1. Add static routes of Untag, Vlan2 segment on HD4.
  • Network > Basic Settings > Static Route Settings
  1. Enable Expert mode on HD4. Then create Outbound Policy with the desired services and WAN and place on top of PepVPN Routes.
  • Advanced > Outbound Policy > “?” of Rules > turn on Expert Mode

Hope this help.