[Vitel Webinar Feb-23, 2022] How to 5G with Peplink

On Wednesday, 23rd of February 2022, Vitel GmbH’s Nadir Yilmaz will give his first Vitel Webinar performance. This Vitel Academy webinar will be conducted in German on the topic of “How to 5G with Peplink” at 10 am CEST.

For all German speakers in Taiwan / New York: Mark your calendar for 4pm / 4am - or watch the recording afterwards. In any case, register in time so you don’t miss out! In the Q&A session after the webinar, you can ask all of your questions that have been left unanswered!

Watch the webinar teaser HERE.

Julia Prantl (LinkedIn Profile), marketing specialist at Vitel GmbH will be co-hosting this webinar held by the product specialist Nadir Yilmaz (LinkedIn Profile).

Their shared experience in “vitelizing businesses and lives” will equip you with making the most of 5G.

Register now and grab this valuable opportunity to learn from the Vitel Experts!

*This live webinar will be recorded as part of the Vitel Academy. Subscribe to Vitel Academy’s YouTube Channel to be informed right away when the recording gets uploaded!

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