Visual LAN Interface Status

Now that there is port based vlan it would be awesome to have a visual in all the LAN interfaces to see which ports are being used. The Cisco SG Series SMB switches are GUI as well and have a nice page where it shows an actual picture of the switch and a green light showing exactly which ports have a device running traffic through it.

Reason I ask this is because I still have a few customers out there that have a separated switch for computers and separate PoE switch for IP phones but we are trunking our VLANs via the Peplink Balance. I want to upgrade to the 6.3.0 firmware and make the LAN ports being used for each switch and different subnets access ports only and shut off the remaining LAN interfaces on the Balance.

I can’t do this now without being onsite to make the change because I can’t see which LAN ports have a device connected to them trans-versing traffic.

I just suggest this because Peplink/Pepwave have a nice visual GUI and this would be a nice feature I feel to add to the visuals.


Hi tjvoip45,

This is in our roadmap. Stay tuned!

What a concept – a company that LISTENS to customers! :smiley: