Video Streming

I am planning for a solution; where I have to Multicast 5 Video Streams(1Mbps per stream) over VPN towards 15-20 destinations.
Kindly reply for following:

  1. Peplink Routers support for Multicast?

  2. Stream Server/Transmssion end will required 5 Mpbs (5 Streams; 1Mbps per stream) or more?

  3. If I couldn’t use Speed Fussion and use Load Balance; what will be the speed speed requirements at Transmission and Receptions?



  1. Multicast L3 routing is not supported. But you can run multicast protocols over Layer 2 SpeedFusion tunnel. This will allow your transmission and reception devices and routers to communicate.

  2. Bonded links have some overhead so the aggregate bandwidth of all your WAN links should be more than 5 Mbps to handle overhead and not overload your capacity. Atleast 7 Mbps.

  3. I don’t think loadbalancing will help you here because your streams require multicast support.