Video Streaming

Hey everyone,

So I’m trying to do a video stream from a network encoder, through a Pepwave Max BR1 that is hooked up to a Verizon Mifi Jetpack 6620L. I’m about to blow my brains out over this tasking and was wondering if anyone had achieved this before or had some good tips to make it work. So far I’ve tried setting the Pepwave to be the DHCP Server and the Mifi assigning just one IP to the Pepwave, I’ve also tried the reverse, setting the Pepwave as a dumb switch and making the Mifi be the DHCP server. I’ve tried both of these with the Pepwave in the DMZ. I’ve also tried to USB tether the Mifi to the computer and hook up the Pepwave through LAN and then bridged the connections and I’m still not getting anywhere. I’ve been working on this specific task for about 2 weeks now and am not getting anywhere. I do have a static IP from Verizon on my Mifi if that helps at all. Thanks for any suggestions!



To better answer your inquiry, what is the exact nature of the issue? Getting the MiFi connected to the BR1? Getting internet access to inside devices? Is it just the video stream that is not working?

Since you have a BR1 I would recommend taking the SIM out of the MiFi device and directly inserting it into the SIM slot of the BR1, this will eliminate the need for the extra HW. SIM slot size of BR1 is 2FF, may need a adapter if the SIM inside of the MiFi is smaller.

My BR1 is a AT&T device where my cell service is through Verizon. I would like to purchase another BR1 (Verizon variety) to streamline the gear requirement. I’m basically having an issue with the devices on the Local LAN side of the Pepwave not being able to get to the WWW. I just recently tried to open and forward the specific port I’m trying to stream the video on (8208)

Out new BR1’s BR1-LTE-US-T work on any of the U.S. carriers (universal device). May want to check the Status to check your current BR1.

At this point I would open a support ticket here so that we can go over more detailed information.


Unfortunately my model number is MAX-BR1-AE-T. Will this still work on the Verizon Network? I also submitted a ticket on this. Thanks

The MAX-BR1-AE-T is not compatible with the Verizon network. Thanks.