Video Streaming- Demand Higher Than Just One Connection Can Handle


How do the Peplink Balance models work with video streaming that posses a higher bandwidth demand that just one of the ISP’s can supply?

My primary use of the Internet for a second home is remote security camera monitoring. I have to throttle down the frame rate with the single 5 Mbps connection that I have now to encompass all the cameras I have and it is not very efficient. I understand being able to “part up” downloads, assign certain applications and/or users to one Internet connection or the other, but the video streaming issue confuses me. Would a Peplink unit be able to “average” the bandwidth in this scenario if I added another 8 Mbps connection (5+8=13 Mbps) from a different ISP?

More microchips than sense,
Dr. Z.

The Peplink Balance is a great fit for your application Dr. Z. For outbound traffic, simple rules can be created to manage that traffic but if you are referring to incoming traffic then you could just point some of the cameras to the new WAN IP of the new 8Mbps connection.