Video Streaming between two MAX HD4s


I have two MAX BR1 with SpeedFusion bandwidth between them and 4 LTE sims on each one of them
but I still cannot get the seamless and session-persistent failover that wouldn’t break my video stream.

there is only video traffic on this setting, all from 2 moving cars.

Is there any tips that need to be setup on the VPN or on the NETWORK for this operation to work?


Do you mean HD4 rather than BR1? You won’t be able to do cellular based SpeedFusion Hot-failover on a BR1 since it only has one cellular modem (unless you have another BR1 in its wired wan port - so 2 x BR1s per vehicle).


Sorry, i’m working all day wiht the MAX BR1.//:grin:

this project is with HD4


Ha no worries.
So if I as doing this I would :

  1. Use Sims from multiple providers in each HD4 to reduce the effect of coverage black spots
  2. In the transmitting vehicle turn on WAN smoothing to duplicate packets across all active cellular WANs
  3. in the vehicle that is receiving the stream turn on the receive buffer - start at 100ms and test then increment by 100ms

That will help.