Video Streaming between two MAX HD4s

I have two MAX BR1 with SpeedFusion bandwidth between them and 4 LTE sims on each one of them
but I still cannot get the seamless and session-persistent failover that wouldn’t break my video stream.

there is only video traffic on this setting, all from 2 moving cars.

Is there any tips that need to be setup on the VPN or on the NETWORK for this operation to work?

Do you mean HD4 rather than BR1? You won’t be able to do cellular based SpeedFusion Hot-failover on a BR1 since it only has one cellular modem (unless you have another BR1 in its wired wan port - so 2 x BR1s per vehicle).

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Sorry, i’m working all day wiht the MAX BR1.//:grin:

this project is with HD4

Ha no worries.
So if I as doing this I would :

  1. Use Sims from multiple providers in each HD4 to reduce the effect of coverage black spots
  2. In the transmitting vehicle turn on WAN smoothing to duplicate packets across all active cellular WANs
  3. in the vehicle that is receiving the stream turn on the receive buffer - start at 100ms and test then increment by 100ms

That will help.

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Hi Martin ,

i have setup as you suggested and got some improvment but i have still two problems

  1. unstable Latency from 80ms up to 500ms on the working peers
  2. on one HD4 only 2 peers are working out of 4 - “Not available - link failure, no data received” , all 4 SIM are online.
    on the second HD4 only 1 peers is working
    i really don’t understand this status monitoring, how can one device show peer that is working and on the other device the same peer is not availble ?

thanks for you help

Cellular links will have variable latency, you can mitigate that using a latency cut off setting in the profile so that when a link latency ramps up it is temporarily removed from the bonded tunnel until it recovers.
Take a look at his post from when that feature was introduced for more info:

Are you using fixed Public IP SIMs in the HD4? If not its likely that carrier grade NAT is getting in the way of inbound traffic to the cellular connections so even though the link is online with working internet access no traffic is allowed inbound so the individual tunnels can’t be built.

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peer tunnel are made between two SIM only, then i need just one of the SIM to be with FIX IP ?

on the “Remote IP Address / Host Names (Optional)” , does it matter if i write one IP only or i need to write all 4 IP (from the HD4 that i connect to)

Two active cellular modules per HD4 yes? In which case for the best bonding experience you’d want both SIMS on one HD4 to have a Public IP.

When you have a HD4 with two public IPs you would enter these IPs in this box on the other HD4. You could in fact just enter one of those IPS the HD4s will share the other ones once they connect, but using two would be better.

If you don’t want to use public IP Sims the alternative way to build the bonded connection is via a third device that would sit in the middle. Typically this would be a cloud hosted FusionHub virtual appliance. So that is something to consider.

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