Video Conference or Zoom Application

Is Peplink able to detect video conferencing traffic by default?
or need to do setup on QoS for the application… eg: using zoom application

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No not yet. There is talk of application detection that is in development though.
For now you would need to identify the traffic manually.

Not impossible but a bit of a boring job, and possibly the ‘easiest’ way would be by adding 45 outbound rules for the Zoom servers IPs:


Thanks, Martin. Number 45 is refer to the total list of IP address to add in right?
Is that we can set by QoS/Application? …customize with adding TCP/UDP ports? - fewer input instead.

How about setting in QoS on DSCP marking? Is this an alternative way? or setting outbound rules will be the best choice. Looking for lazy way to complete it :slight_smile:

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If the Zoom application is doing DSCP marking at the application level then you can use Balance/MAX QOS prioritised the traffics.

You can refer to the following table for the DSCP name & Decimal value reference:


That’s a great idea I hadn’t thought of! Thanks @sitloongs


Yeah DSCP based QOS is the easiest way for sure! Had seen that Zoom could DSCP tag the traffic before that’s great!